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NC State Extension

The Entrepreneurial Program

Since 1992, the Department of Food, Bioprocessing and Nutrition Sciences’ Food Entrepreneur Assistance Program and its partners have helped small business owners and prospective entrepreneurs make better decisions concerning the safe manufacture and processing of quality food products. In that time thousands of individuals and companies have utilized the services, knowledge, and expertise available through the program.

Now called the Entrepreneur Initiative for Food (EI4F), this program ensures individuals and firms transform agriculture commodities into safe, nutritious and value-added food and beverage products. The mission of EI4F is to help small food business owners and prospective entrepreneurs make informed decisions leading to greater economic development and job creation.

For example, in 2018, the EI4F program:

  • Analyzed 817 food products to provide processing recommendations (based on pH and water activity)
  • Generated 452 nutritional labels and ingredient statements for food products
  • Trained over 283 individuals in the Acidified Foods Manufacturing School

For more information download the ei4f brochure.