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NC State Extension

Our Services

The Entrepreneurial Program offers two primary services:
 (Each product flavor/variation requires a separate service application and fee)

SERVICE A: Product Testing & Processing Recommendations

We will analyze a shelf-stable product sample, classify it (as acid, acidified, water activity controlled or other) according to Federal and State regulations and provide processing recommendations.

SERVICE B: Nutritional Information

We use a Nutrition Database to input a product formulation and provide a Nutrition Facts Panel and Ingredient Statement for food products. We are currently able to provide the Nutrition Labeling and Education Act 1990 Nutrition Facts Panel and FDA 2016 Nutrition Label format.

The FDA 2016 Nutrition Label requirements (new label format) will be required as of January 1, 2020, for manufacturers with $10 million or more in annual sales. The date for compliance is January 1, 2021, for manufacturers with less than $10 million in annual sales. For more information regarding Compliance Dates and Label requirements, see the FDA labeling Guidance.

In order for us to be able to provide the new label format, it will be necessary for the client to provide the Mandatory Nutrients on a 100-gram basis for each individual ingredient. View the list of Mandatory Nutrients.

Process for Submission

Fill out & Submit the Online Request Form. The form will ask for your basic contact information, formulation for a batch of product, and current product processing information. Do not send any samples until you have been contacted by us.

Once you submit the Online Request Form, we will review your Online Request Form & reply with information on next steps including how to send a sample and quantity needed.

Confidentiality Note:
The information collected on our form is for the purpose of classification and nutritional labeling only. We will maintain your product information on the computer, under password protection, for a short time in case you request changes or modifications.

The University makes no warranties or guarantees, either expressed or implied, as to the outcome of any services provided, although all reasonable efforts, consistent with the standards of a research university, will be made to provide the appropriate recommendations and achieve a successful outcome. Once the services are provided, no refunds are available.

As a public institution, and instrumentality of the State of North Carolina, NC State University is subject to the NC Public Records laws. This means that records provided to the university may be subject to public disclosure, unless an exception applies. Records that would not be subject to public record disclosure include research data, records or information of a proprietary nature, as well as information that may be deemed trade secrets and have been marked “confidential” when the information was disclosed to NC State. For more information regarding public records, please visit the Office of General Counsel webpage on public records, accessible here.